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- equivalents for thermionic valve or vacuum tube substitution or replacement including the diode triode tetrode pentode heptode etc. NSN Electron Tubes And Associated Hardware Catalog. Electron Tubes Cross Index and Type Identification. Vacuum-Tube-Shop 071.

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VT TUBE CODE CROSS REFERENCE CHART Due to the numbering schemes in use there are three variant classifications of VTxyz valves. Used a nonreparable item or cathode display this. World Tube Audio Portal Category Tube Databases.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 5 SECTION 1 Cross Reference of American Receiving Tubes 7 SECTION 2 Industrial Substitutes For. VACUUM TUBE and VALVE CROSS REFERENCE SUB SUBSTITUTE SUBSTITUTION EQUIVALENT and REPLACEMENT LIST This list is Constantly and. Welcome to TubeDepot.

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Radio tubes are valves Matched Quad PSVANE UK Design Vacuum Tubes UK-KT This can be called the American equivalent to the British. GHXAMP 6H9C Electron Tube Amplifier Vacuum Tube. Preamp Electron Vacuum Tube 9-pin for 6P14 EL46BQ5.

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Alan AJ Franzman Nixie Tube Cross-reference Data Alexandre Simionovski Cathode-ray tube datasheets Andrey Fedjukov Tubedata ru. Manufacturers' Cross Reference Index IEEE Xplore. L6155 Electron Tube Electron Tubes And Associated. 07 vacuum tube.

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This is one for starters ELECTRON TUBES AND VALVES There are more of these out there though Let me know if you need them too Cheers. Riders Tube Caddy Tube Substitution Guidebook. US564664A BIFET vacuum tube replacement structure. Enter your amp circuit.

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VARIAN ASSOCIATES INC PN Y540 View Part NSN 5960-00-724-577 Cross Reference 265010P1 41111-703-00-9 752272-2 752272P2 EE64Y FF64Y. Cross Index Radio Electron Tube Types One Electron. Western electric tube cross reference WEBDpl.

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