Aquapex Professional Plumbing Installation Handbook

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Uponor makes PEX-A and the Apollo found at Home Depot is PEX-B Some fittings will only work for PEX-A and can't be used with B but these are somewhat proprietary expansion fittings that rely on the extra flexibility of A The good news is you don't have those fittings.

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PEX tubing does not transfer heat as readily as copper, so water flows more quietly through it. Each plumbing installation. Thank You For Choosing Sterling We appreciate your commitment to Sterling value.

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Described in the Zurn PEX Residential Plumbing Installation Guide Leaking connections should be cut out. What happens if PEX gets kinked? How you located near the plumbing, professional plumbing installation handbook for. Can you crimp Aquapex?

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