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Eyewitness Testimony Case Law

In general, such studies find that jury instructions cause jurors to become more suspicious of all eyewitness identification evidence.

Once we got our licenses to practice law, we did not want to deal with science. Hickman was convicted on Dec. Although trial courts have the authority to exclude suspicious eyewitnesstestimony, they rarely do. She had made up the whole story, faking the scratches. Still, some social scientists havemade an educated guess.

By the time Thompson faced Cotton in court a year later, her doubts were gone. Who is right and who is wrong? When the cyclist confronted the thief, did you notice the holes in the knees of his blue jeans? Supreme Court rulings carry great import, of course. Page of misidentification coupled with the inability to accurately reconstruct what happens at corporal lineups. Memory is an imprecise, interpretive reconstruction of events subject to contamination in both its initial encoding and subsequent retrieval. Eyewitness memory research mostly concludes that encoding stress impairs eyewitness memory. Nation who responded to the request for nominations of expertsin the field of eyewitness evidence to serve on TWGEYEE.

As a consequence, such techniques could lead to the creation of false memories. An innocent man had been freed. What do you think? Event factors have to do with the acquisition stage of memory, when we perceive an event and our brains make the instantaneous decision to either discard the information or insert it into memory. ON ATTEMPTS TO INFUSE EMPIRICALRESEARCH FINDINGS AT TRIAL: ROADBLOCKSWhile there has been ample case law that demonstrates acertain willingness to allow scientific expert testimony into thecourtroom, there are many cases in which the courts have ruledotherwise. She left and soon returned with ablack man who continued the argument until he drew a gun and shot bothbrothers. This section lays down the provision that there is no particular number of witness fixed by law which can be required to prove any fact. Never show a witness an isolated photograph or image of an accused during the interview. The purpose of the groupwas to recommend uniform practices for the collection and preservationof eyewitness evidence. Thus, results should be interpreted with caution, keeping the limited sample size and number of comparisons in mind. On the contrary, psychologists have found that memories are reconstructed rather than played back each time we recall them. In another eyewitness testimony case law enforcement used, after a free recall what can subsequently gathered from. To conclude, eyewitness testimony is very powerful and convincing to jurors, even though it is not particularly reliable. Remember that it is the collective impact of all of the evidence that will be considered in support of a conviction.

Thompson had been quite unsure of her choice when she initially identified Cotton. Brigham, who earnedhis Ph. In fact, there are many reasons to believe that testimony might be considerably less than accurate. Even though memory and the process of reconstruction can be fragile, police officers, prosecutors, and the courts often rely on eyewitness identification and testimony in the prosecution of criminals. By careful observation of a witness an experienced person is assumed to be able to assess whether they are lying. His conviction rested on the testimony oftwo witnesses who belatedly identified Court unanimouslyreversed the conviction due to insufficient Mr. Accordingly, they provide clear direction under a rule thatotherwise generally lacks it. These are variables that are present at the time of the alleged crime and cannot be changed. In preparation for the hearing, the Miles family lined up their witnesses again, including the two men who had confessed.

In addition, laboratory studies reveal that even people with no prejudice against other races and substantial contact with persons of other races still experience difficulty in accurately identifying members of a different race.


Reestablish rapport with the witness.

The Government has the burden of proving identity, beyond a reasonable doubt. What tools are available? If not, the identification evidence must be excluded from evidence under controlling federal precedent. Biswa Prakash Nayak currently working as an Asst.

In addition to a greater number of experts, a more comprehensive representation of possible experts would also benefit future research.


Another man later pleaded guilty.

Select fillers who generally fit the witnessÕ description of theperpetrator. Welcome to Duquesne University! With hypnosis, or other special techniques, these inaccessible details could eventually be recovered. Did the woman in the bar wear red or pink lipstick? The misinformation effect has been modeled in the laboratory.

Frye test to such testimony. It may be insignificant. Even before DNA testing revealed wrongful convictions based on eyewitness identifications, courts recognized and discussed the limits of eyewitness testimony.

Rod lindsay rc, the courts prohibit instructions were finally admitted in case law enforcement and have different view is the gomes decision clearlyfalls within the eyewitness identification.

Because you immediately told some friends about it, because it was a frightening or unusual event, or because you are reminded of it every time you go to a service station, so as to revive the memory.

By adopting the reforms recommended by the United States Department of Justice and following the lead of states such as North Carolina and Wisconsin, the Commonwealth of Kentucky can considerably reduce the number of innocent people it wrongfully imprisons.


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Professor at Amity University. Some investigation into the psychology of such situations might help. Unless people resembling the suspect are included in the lineup, the suspect may be picked out by default, not by true recognition.

These reforms are equally effective for photographic lineups and live lineups. Page of Why Do I Need One? While its role is complex, eyewitness testimony is a crucial part of the criminal justice system. The psychology and neuroscience of forgetting. Eyewitness testimony, once considered the gold standard of evidence, can often result in wrongful convictions. How Can You Combat Unreliable Eyewitness Identifications?

Either kind of evidence can be offered in oral testimony of witnesses or physical exhibits, including fingerprints, test results, and documents.

Such a factor of weapon focus leads to the unreliability of eyewitness testimony. He told the three witnesses that the police had arrested two suspects. The problem seems to be whether jogging the memory with an array of pictures aids recall or gives a false sense of confidence.

In a number of cases, the witness would have been a child observing others work with products.

Attorney to recall the officer from police and invested all eyewitness testimony? Explain to the witness how the composite will be used in theinvestigation. We work to make the legal system more effective and more just for all those affected by the law. Do you have anything else to tell us?

Submission of a cautionary identification instruction to the jury inaddition to the admission of expert psychological testimony would providethe best protection against erroneous identifications.

Nor, given the stark facts about eyewitness unreliability, could the Court of Appeals approve a blanket rule of inadmissibility.



In other words, the misinformation in the leading question led to inaccurate memory. Who threw the first punch? Guy Miles and their position on eyewitness identification reform, and they did not respond for comment. They receive only a very small amount of information. Counsel should not interview the eyewitness without a third party present unless the situation cannot be avoided. And this is why we are now using our research to help identify ways the police can prevent eyewitnesses from relaying false information. There are three possible outcomes where eyewitness testimony is the only evidence available. The decisioninvolved a conviction for first degree robbery and armed criminal action.

Episodic and semantic memory. If there are too many photos, errors in selection tends to be increased. In any cases where identification may be an issue, a record must be made of the description of the suspect first given by a witness. Cotton case, Wixted says, but timing is key.

It is sometimes advisable that the interview be conducted in the presence of an officer or other person, depending on the circumstances.


Evaluating eyewitness identification procedures using ROC analysis.



Two years later he committed suicide.

Based on decades of social science research and the growing number of wrongful convictions overturned by DNA testing, the Innocence Project has developed a set of recommendations to improve identification procedures currently used by law enforcement agencies across the country.

Erika, but you were mistaken in your identification of me as your attacker. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. In this bit, a quote from the Associated Press, investigator Gauldin says that the system worked. Utah requires that lineup procedures be recorded. This often leads to the selection of a person despite doubts.


In: Wells GL, Loftus EF, editors.

As witnessing a real crime is probably more stressful than taking part in an experiment, memory accuracy may well be even more affected in real life.

For topics like these that show greater consensus from experts in general, reports from an expert witness could be particularly valuable in the courtroom.


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